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Monmouth County Sheriff’s Department





  • Training
  • Table Top Exercises
  • Plan Development
  • GIS Mapping
  • Situational Awareness


CDR Maguire Inc. was retained by the Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office of Emergency Management to write three (3) emergency management plans and conduct three (3) tabletop exercises all within a three (3) month period.


CDR Maguire worked with stakeholders from the local municipalities, county government, and state officials to draft the following three emergency management plans: debris management, short-term recovery, and re-entry.  Working with the County, CDR Maguire completed a comprehensive debris management plan which included safe and cost-effective ways to remove, collect, recycle and, dispose of debris following a natural or man-made disaster. The goal of the plan was to expedite recovery efforts for Monmouth County and ensure this community maximum reimbursement if declared a federal disaster area. The short-term recovery plan was written as a strategic plan that included input from the local utility companies and water and wastewater stakeholders.  It also included situational awareness tools to assist in the development of a common operating picture.  The re-entry plan focused on the coastal communities and gave the community a standing document clarifying roles, responsibilities and, processes in case of an emergency. The main goal was to ensure that all types of aid providers such as search & rescue personnel and utility providers have timely and efficient access to disaster areas.


The three tabletop exercises were conducted over a two-day period using an online portal which captured all injects and responses from participants. CDR Maguire followed the HSEEP process in the design and implementation of the exercises and produced an after-action report as well as an improvement plan for Monmouth staff.