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Chief Operating Officer, CDR EM

Roy is the Chief Operating Officer for CDR Maguire’s Emergency Management Division, overseeing the strategic and operational growth of the division.  Prior to that, Roy was a Senior Emergency Manager at FEMA, starting as Director of the National Disaster Housing Task Force in 2011. He advanced during his time within the agency as key adviser, directing the implementation of the National Disaster Recovery Framework, establishing the Recovery Support Function Leadership Group, and leading disaster field operations with innovative housing solutions and technology tools.


Prior to that, he served in senior leadership roles within the Florida Division of Emergency Management, including Deputy Bureau Chief of Response, Regional Coordination Team Leader, Team Leader of a deployed State Management Team, and Disaster Housing Chief for the 2004-05 hurricanes that impacted the gulf coast.


Among his extensive list of qualifications, some of the most impactful are:

16+ years in project management and public affairs leadership in multiple gulf states

Vast experience dealing with communities and survivors since 2004, in multiple areas of response, including housing, debris, damage assessment and impact analysis, as well as state and federal response

Active deployments during multiple disasters, including 2004-05 Florida hurricanes, Sandy, Irma, Katrina, as well as Deep Water Horizon and the Haiti earthquake to name a few

Development of efficiency's and cost savings in multiple areas of states’ emergency management organizations in terms of time and money

Success in collaborating with federal, state and local government agencies, public officials and diverse media contacts

Extensive coordination with NGO and private sector organizations

Innovation in developing technology solutions for disaster, response and recovery

Recognized national expert in disaster housing solutions

Proven track record in developing highly effective teams