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Disasters Happen. Prepare Now. Learn How



You may already be aware that September is National Preparedness Month. Being prepared can mean many different things depending on your personal situation. When a disaster hits home, it can bring many challenges to daily life that we may not all have a knack for thinking of ahead of time. That is why it’s beautiful a thing that we have experts in the Disaster Recovery and response fields who put together many great resources to help us all in becoming responsible and prepared citizens. Preparing is an important thing that every family should do to be safe! Additionally, it’s great to encourage others in your community to do so as well by sharing your plan. The better prepared we all are, the faster everyone recovers and gets back to the new normal.


Would you like a place to start a conversation with your family? Go here to get started:


National Day of Action is Saturday, September 15. Folks across the nation are holding preparedness events. It’s a great idea to get you and your family involved and can be a fun way to teach your children a valuable life lesson. To participate, you can sign up for a Preparedness brief, download the FEMA app, read countless articles on various topics, find activities that are going on near you, and read real stories about others who are preparing. Just go to:


CDR Maguire’s goal is to Maximize Recovery and Minimize Impact for our clients. We can help with a whole range of solutions in Disaster Recovery, Debris Management, and Planning. Go to  to learn more about how we may be able to help your community.


Alisa Williams

Marketing Coordinator