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Carlos Duart | CDR Maguire President



Carlos A. Duart is the owner and CEO of CDR Enterprises Inc., and its wholly owned subsidiaries CDR Maguire, Inc., CDR Bridge Systems, Inc., and CDR Health Care, Inc.  Mr. Duart’s role includes overall strategic management, partnership development, finance, and information technology. Mr. Duart has over 25 years of public sector experience in emergency management and transportation engineering.  His experience includes public sector procurement, FEMA and FHWA reimbursement for federally declared disasters, public-private partnerships and financial modeling, as well as the procurement and management of international transportation projects for The World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank (BID), and European Unions.


In 2020, Mr. Duart, along with Executive Vice President and CEO of CDR Health, Ms. Tina Vidal, launched CDR’s disaster medicine division in response to the State of Florida’s COVID-19 pandemic response. Today, CDR is one of the top 3 state vendors providing over 750,000 COVID-19 tests, at over 20 locations throughout the state, to the citizens of Florida.